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Who is Brian Ask?

Brian Ask is a veteran Information Technology Specialist with over 20 years of technology and business experience.  Brian has worked with some of the world’s most progressive IT innovators and has a proven track record with America’s small business community.  Specializing in providing technical support to budget conscious business professionals who want to take advantage of today’s emerging technology for their own small business.


In 2001, Brian started Ask The Computer Experts.  Designed to bridge the technological gap between the giants of IT and the average small business, Ask The Computer Experts brought together some of the industries leading IT professionals, dedicated to provide low cost, comprehensive IT consultation to small businesses and individuals alike.

Unlike other online remote support providers, Ask The Computer Experts specializes in a proactive approach to maintaining computer performance and security.

Ask The Computer Experts

In 2001, Brian began working closely with an experienced real estate broker, trainer and speaker, Jack Lindberg. Together, Jack and Brian brought technology to the real estate industry. Providing technical consultation and website development for real estate professionals, earning national recognition in Real Estate industry.

In 2010, Brian and Jack teamed up with Jimmy Dague, Lee Barrett and several other nationally recognized Real Estate trainers to start RE Speakers.

Continuing to gain prominence in the Real Estate industry, RE Speakers specializes in providing top-notch training and continuing education to Real Estate professionals across North America. Brian played an integral part bringing the RE Speakers concept to fruition.


Regardless of the challenges faced by entering in to an unknown industry, Brian has proved time and again that no matter what industry or technology your company represents, his years of IT experience offers a unique perspective that can enhance any business.


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